Le Domaine

The enclos de la Croix is located in the heart of « la petite Camargue » between « l’Etang de l’Or » and the Cévennes mountains in the village of Lansargues. Traditionally a wine-growing village. The Vineyards’ personal background lives up to the history of its region.

Built on a 24 Hectare parcel and surrounded by a charming low stone wall, the benevolent cross looks after the property.

Between northern and southern winds (« Tramontane » and « Mistral »), we cultivate the vine on limestone clay soils where we prouve to be consistant in containing the energy of the stem.



Built in 1814, the property has always produced wines. Approximately 40 years ago, a significant change was made with our grape varieties. Aramon and Carignan were left a side to grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Manseng instead.

The Enclos de la Croix has built its reputation around a spirit of contradiction : between history, taste for change, modernity and traditions.

Eight generations of a passionate family with strong ties to their « terroir » have each handle the vine-growing of the 24 hectares of the property, as well as the wine-making and the sales.

Fighting over stereotypes and biased opinions over the Languedoc valley has not always been easy… Today, 200 years after, the Frezouls family still makes wine on this beautiful property. Changes have been made to keep the property up to its potential. Renovation work has been done on most parts of the buildings, the cellar has been equipped with thermo-regulated vats in concrete and epoxy resin.

Its work ethic and philosophy have lead to a respectful culture of the soils with no chemical fertilizers or pesticides, towards an organic wine making process with no sulfites added wines.

The vineyard is now fully converted to organic agriculture with restriction of the yields, high density and selection of high quality grape varieties.

Our goal is to bring you the best of our work…